What media say

Casa do Pátio in The Guardian
Casa dos Lóios in The Independent
Monte Belvedere in El País
Casa dos Lóios in Elle Portugal
Madame Petisca in TAP Magazine
Casa dos Lóios and Monte Belvedere in Road Trip Magazine
Madame Petisca in Marie France Magazine
Casa dos Lóios in Petit Futé site
Shiadu in LisboaCool site
Monte Belvedere in LogOut Magazine
Ribeira Tejo
Casa dos Lóios in TAP magazine
Monte Belvedere in Nespresso Magazine
Ribeira Tejo in Diário de Viagem Blog
Madame Petisca in Lisbon Cocktail Week
Casa do Jasmim in Lissabon Insider blog
Casa do Bairro
Shiadu Happier Teens project in Dezanove site
Shiadu Happier Teens project in Portugal Gay site
Shiadu Happier Teens project in ILGA site
Madame Petisca in Happy Woman Magazine
Ribeita Tejo at Lisbonne Magazine

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