To roam through Lisbon is to travel through a cultural and historical centre, filled with personality. Shiadu Boutique Guesthouses with its strategic locations, can be found in Bairro Alto, Bairro de Santa Catarina and Cais do Sodré.

There is nothing better to get to know the history of our city, than to stay in the heart of Lisbon. The typical neighbourhoods [bairros] are a mandatory stopover and the ideal place to lose oneself in the typical parochial Lisbon. To get to know the alleys and venture through the many corners are a unique experience. The walks or even the old No. 28 cable car, are the best way to get to know the city. And Shiadu Boutique Guesthouses is only a few minutes’ walk from any of these destinations.

In the historic centre, you will find the most typical of taverns serving snacks, small neighbourly cafés and even the ancient morning street criers in a mixture of colour and generations.

Lisbon awaits you!

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