Lisbon is one of Europe’s mildest capital cities. Summer temperatures are sometimes very hot, while Winters are mild and damp. The capital of Portugal has a lot of sunshine (over 3300 hours of sun per year) and around 100 days of rain per year. The city climate is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and most noticeably by the Gulf Stream, which ensures the lack of extreme temperatures that can occur in central Portugal.

Summer weather in Lisbon

The sun shines in our capital of Lisbon almost all year round and Summers are hot and pleasant. Temperatures are very agreeable in the summer – generally varying between 18 and 35 degrees. Summer is a very amenable season in Lisbon and the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean ensures not overly hot, mild temperatures.

Autumn weather in Lisbon

Autumn is another pleasant season for visiting Lisbon. With pleasantly sunny days, September still enjoys Summer temperatures. During October temperature falls a little being around the low20s, while November sees temperatures varying between the low and high teens. Rainfall begins around autumn. While September forecasts an average of only 25mm, October heralds the start of Lisbon’s rainy period averaging around 80mm. November is one of the wettest months of the year with around 115mm of rain.

Winter weather in Lisbon

The winter weather in Lisbon is mild. January is the coldest month with temperatures averaging 10°C, oscillating between 7°C and 13°C. December is one degree warmer on average. However winter is not a very rainy period in Lisbon. In general, one can expect a few rainy days but there are also extremely pleasant sunny days. As such, winter in Lisbon is not in general severe. With regards to snow, very rarely does it snow in Lisbon.

Spring weather in Lisbon

Spring is an agreeable time in Portugal’s capital with average temperatures varying between the mid and high teens and on warmer days, one can even venture to the seaside and wear ones’ bathing suit! Rainfall is moderate in spring. March sees around 70mm of rain and has a number of rainy days, but the weather quickly dries up throughout spring time. There is even a local saying that translated says something down the lines of “March having winter mornings and summer afternoons”. By May you begin to see the start of the excellent summer weather.

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