The Shiadu family waits for you…

Have you ever felt at home when you are miles away from your home? It is the most common feeling during a stay in Shiadu!

One of the biggest secrets to our success is the recruiting process and the selection of our employees. More than a simple element of the Shiadu team, each employee, regardless of the function performed, takes on the role of friend, guide, host and adviser to all guests, from the moment of their reservation until the moment of their departure.

The Shiadu TeamAlong our reservations department, you will find that the collaborators are available to advise you as well as to clarify any doubt or concern that may arise while making a reservation. And as a Shiadu experience not only includes accommodation and breakfast, the back office staff is also available for questions relating to transfers, tours and other additional services to your stay.

At the time of your arrival, after a long journey, there is nothing better than finding a comfortable room, impeccably clean and with a unique and distinctive decor. It is here that our housekeepers stand out who, with all of their attention to each detail, contribute to a guaranteed comfortable as well as a delicious stay, thanks to the homemade breakfasts prepared daily with fresh ingredients.

In our lodgings, you will always find at your disposal a passionate, experienced and multilingual team, prepared to accompany you daily. You will easily find all the information regarding the most attractive places in the city as well as the hidden corners you cannot miss. From monuments, museums and gardens, to restaurants, shows and local businesses, our employees will help you live unforgettable days.

After the farewell, it is normal to feel a little heartache also known as saudade¹… assurance that a little Portugal was kept with you!

¹saudade is the Portuguese word for missing/yearning/longing.

The Shiadu Team


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