Shiadu exists as a charming lodging brand since 2007, combining comfort and refinement service with a committed serviceability that is deeply devoted to each guest.

Casa do Bairro Bed and Breakfast by Shiadu, located within a 5-minute walk from Chiado and Bairro Alto was born in the spring of 2009. It was in this welcoming home with its 11 double, triple, and family rooms that our first guests became familiarized with the characteristic alfacinha¹ hospitality.

In 2011, we had the opportunity of opening another two houses in the center of Lisbon: the Ribeira Tejo Boutique Guesthouse by Shiadu with 15 double and family rooms, and the Casa do Pátio Bed and Breakfast and Apartments by Shiadu with 18 double and family rooms, and apartments fully equipped.

In the summer of 2012, the fourth unit opened – the Monte Belvedere Boutique Hotel by Shiadu – next to the Santa Catarina viewpoint, or popularly known as, the Adamastor viewpoint. Located in a house full with history, the 12 rooms guarantee an unforgettable stay to those who lodge overnight and, in some of them, a sweeping view of the Tagus, the city and the south bank of the river.

In June of 2013, a remarkable opportunity to take the Shiadu concept further arose. With the opening of the Casa dos Lóios Boutique Guesthouse by Shiadu in the Largo dos Lóios, the historical center of the city of Porto saw its lodging offer enriched with the presence of the Shiadu brand and its 13 single, double, and family rooms.

However, we did not stop there: in December of 2014, 8 new rooms inaugurated in the renovated and dynamic Rua das Flores, a 10-minute walk from Ribeira. With the opening of Flores dos Lóios Boutique Guesthouse by Shiadu, the Shiadu brand became a reference within the local lodgings of Invicta².

In 2015, the arrival of fall brought to Lisbon the opening of the seventh unit: the Casa do Jasmim Boutique Guesthouse by Shiadu. The renovated area of the Príncipe Real, marked by its charm, centrality, and street commerce, represented a perfect synergy with our philosophy.

The six guesthouses and the boutique hotel offer daily a team of 70 people distributed throughout the various accommodation units, always available to provide you with a unique and unforgettable stay.

Follow your instinct, we are waiting for you…

¹alfacinha is someone who is a native of the city of Lisbon;
²Invicta is another name given to the city of Porto.

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