A relic in the heart of Porto…

In 2014, number 245 of the picturesque and historic Rua das Flores, formerly called Rua de Santa Catarina das Flores, received a new and charming guesthouse: the Flores dos Lóios Boutique Guesthouse by Shiadu.

Characterized by its worked ceilings, balconies and wooden staircase, the Flores dos Lóios Boutique Guesthouse by Shiadu consists of eight double and family rooms overlooking the Rua das Flores and the private patio and shared with the Casa dos Lóios Boutique Guesthouse by Shiadu.

ruadasfloresBoth guesthouses are located in recently renovated areas and transformed in pedestrian arteries characterized by the traditional street commerce. From the old Stationery Model to taverns and modern grocery stores that guarantee to satisfy all palates, there are many attractions for those who walk from the Largo dos Lóios to Largo de São Domingos, traveling through the Rua das Flores, of course! The name of this street reminds us of the life of D. Pedro Álvares da Costa, Bishop of Porto, famous for his gardens and flowers. His devotion to Santa Catarina do Monte Sinai gave the original name of the street: Rua de Santa Catarina das Flores.

The construction of this street dates back to the sixteenth century, a period of economic prosperity and bourgeois development that attracted the aristocracy to this artery of the city of Porto, making it one of the most commercially active streets.

Since early on, the Rua das Flores developed with two vocations: in the south, there was a residential development with the construction of large aristocratic houses, and to the north, a more commercial development occurred, highlighting the goldsmith business that settled on the street during the eighteenth century.

Documents show that a wealthy family known for its goldsmithing business used to live in number 245 of this charming street. Famous amongst the bourgeois and noble elites, the work performed by this family was also recognized within the royal family who would regularly chose the family to manufacture jewels for the crown.

Currently, a must see to anyone visiting the Invicta, the Rua das Flores ensures to delight those who walk by it, just like our beloved Flores dos Lóios Boutique Guesthouse!

We wait for you, follow your instinct…!

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