Egg Hunt – Easter 2015

Because the physical space allows it and because Shiadu’s spirit appeals to the family environment, in April of 2015, we surprised our guests with an egg hunt in the Casa do Pátio Boutique Guesthouse and Apartments by Shiadu!

The leading role was given to children and their respective families when, during breakfast, were challenged to find chocolate eggs in the inside and outside of the house with the help of our guest-relations who were present.

With a typical Easter event geared for families, Shiadu once more managed to indulge our guests and provide them with a very special morning.

Thank you to the team involved, and of course, to our dear guests for having accepted the challenge!

São João – June 2014

São João, patron saint of the city of Porto, has its biggest homage in June, month when the parties throughout the city multiply. The sardines are typical in this party, the hammers and the manjerico¹ that parade glamorously through the hands of the portuenses² and the city’s visitors.

In the Casa dos Lóios Boutique Guesthouse by Shiadu there is no exception, the São João party made in the patio with our guests was a success that brought a new flavor to the tradition and union, one in which we make an issue of maintaining each year.

Thank you to all involved, we hope to maintain this tradition for many years more!

¹Manjerico or Ocimum Minimum is a plant traditionally given to a loved one during this festival;
²Portuenses are those native to the city of Porto.

Santo António – June of 2013

The Casa do Pátio Boutique Guesthouse and Apartments by Shiadu has once more become the selected place to celebrate the Lisbon festivals, in a very special interaction between guests, friends and Shiadu employees.

There was no lack of popular music, fado, grilled sardines and other mandatory delicacies in a Santo António party!

We would like to thank all of our guests, friends and employees who have contributed to an afternoon well spent in a festive and welcoming environment!

Santo António – June 2012

With the Santo António celebrations happening throughout the most traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon, Shiadu could not be left behind and cease to share our traditions and customs with all of those who visit us.

With the opening of the Casa do Pátio Boutique Guesthouse and Apartments, Shiadu now has the perfect place for a traditional arraial de Santo António: an alfacinha patio! In this patio, we gathered all the essential ingredients for a good arraial: sardines and baked sausages, homemade bread, various salads, traditional Portuguese music, fado, a very colorful decor and manjericos¹, of course!

A big thank you to all of those who have contributed to this fantastic conviviality!

¹Manjerico or Ocimum Minimum is a plant traditionally given to a loved one during this festival.

Exhibition – Camilla Watson

Camilla Watson, English citizen and photographer, lives in and has a studio in Largo Trigueiros in the Mouraria neighborhood, where she lives with her dog Don Quixote. She unexpectedly fell in love with the city 5 years ago, she confesses.

She considers Lisbon a city filled with opportunities to those who wish to live and work in it. Watson loves the neighborhood she has chosen, she explains with some pragmatism. She makes a stage out of the streets, turning her photographic production into an outdoor installation, that is, an artistic manifestation where she composes large format photographs in natural environments. Her work, whose main theme are the local communities, provides a special relation with the audience through the importance and truthfulness with which she allows them to get to know.

Camilla likes to photograph people and to experiment with different Medias for her photographs – from plaster, wood and tile, crossing them with the fine arts.

In her creations, she is concerned in transmitting a message of hope according to her positive and fraternal view regarding the human condition. It was in this atmosphere that Casa do Bairro Boutique Guesthouse by Shiadu payed homage to the artist, exhibiting her work throughout the various corners of the house, thus embellishing this typical house in the heart of the city.

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